"I enjoyed working on the HP project with you. You used your time (and mine) efficiently and effectively, and I am very grateful for the judgment you shared in regard to delicate and hard-to-predict negotiations."

David Ferris, CEO, Ferris Research, Inc.
"Joshua is the corporate counsel for Acteva (Web2Web Marketing, Inc.) I have worked closely with him on customer contracts, employee contracts, general business contracts, acquisitions, business spin-offs and board level governance. He is an extremely talented and thorough individual who has become a key contributor to the growth and success of Acteva."

Ed Lemire, EVP, Acteva.
"Josh is the longtime corporate counsel for a mutual client. I have had the opportunity to work with him in that capacity to help resolve some challenging situations for the client in a positive way. I know from my own long-standing relationship with the client that he is responsive, highly regarded, grasps the needs of a private, consumer-oriented, and constantly evolving business very well. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh to my clients in need of smart, efficient and strategic corporate business advice. "

Harmeet Dhillon, Dhillon & Smith
"Joshua consistently gives us sound advise in dealing with third party matters. With Joshua's counsel, we are able to rest easy knowing he will achieve the desired result."

Rudy Rucker, Principal, MonkeyBrains.Net.
"Joshua and I have worked together for several years and I have always been impressed with his legal knowledge and business acumen. Joshua is trustworthy, reliable and I strongly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for legal advice."

Cary Savas, Director, EVB.
"Joshua was referred to me by the BAR Association and upon our 1st meeting, I immediately retained his services for Synergistic Solutions Corp. Joshua expedited our Articles of Corporation as well as has proven himself as a valuable resource for my business. He has varied experience working with small businesses and I recommend his practice to other organizations."

Zorha Evans-Huck, Principal, Synergistic Solutions, Inc.
"Josh has done work multiple times for my business and been a great help with figuring out copyrights, intellectual property, and a variety of other legal issues that small, independent businesses are faced with every day. I would absolutely consult Josh in the future for both professional and even personal legal matters."

Joel Enos, Principal, Limelight Books.
“After extensively interviewing attorneys to help me with my new company, BOCA Communications, I decided to hire Mr. Ridless. Mr. Ridless was detailed oriented, was able to explain difficult legal matters to me in a simple fashion, timely and in general for pro-active with me. I assisted me with all company start-up processes as well as provide me general business counsel. I believe that as my company grows, Mr. Ridless will remain my ongoing legal counsel."

Kathleen Shanahan, CEO, Boca Communications, Inc.
"Joshua is a valuable extension of our ventures. He has been providing us with high integrity Relationship Lawyering and Legal Partnership services.”

Siamak Salimpour, CEO, CercaSoft, Inc..
“I have always been tremendously impressed with Josh's enthusiasm, vision, foresight and capacity for detail. He has helped [clients] navigate through a complex set of corporate entities during the evolution of the company, and has always done so with tremendous professionalism and with the best interests of shareholders and employees always in mind. Josh is a highly focused and motivated individual. The fact that he does triathlons in his spare time is a testament to his dedication"
Sunil Maulik, Principal, SM Consulting.
“Josh is a great person to work with. He is a knowledgeable, fast and efficient lawyer. Unlike other lawyers I have worked with he does not waste time in order to get more money. Josh is internet savvy and is in tune with today's new business models and practices. He helped me to set up my business and draft several key contracts between my business partner. He has been a great help to me and I recommend him highly”.

Jon Bender, Principal, SuMaWah.
“Joshua Ridless has been providing legal services to our company - A Local San Francisco ISP - for 6 years. We initially hired Josh to put together our company's formation documents. Since then Josh has helped us defend existing vendor contracts 3 times - each time in our favor. We are a small boutique ISP which is rare for our space. Our vendors are usually very large Telco Companies with very large legal teams. However, having Josh on our side has proved to be our great equalizer. His knowledge of contract law have kept these bullies at bay and have allowed to continue to operate our business with confidence. I highly recommend Josh as a attorney for your corporate or contract law needs.”

Alex Menendez, Principal, MonkeyBrains.Net.
“Josh is a well-seasoned legal expert who helped me grow my business from the ground - up. He is highly intelligent and extremly thorough in every phase of the project.”

Sarah Stabile, CEO, Bye Bye Bunches, LLC.
"As a new boutique owner, I had little experience with commercial property.  When problems arose with my newly-leased space, I sought Mr. Ridless's help.  He renegotiated the lease, reducing RAG's overhead."

Blakely Bass, Owner, Residents Apparel Gallery (RAG).
"Wouldn't think of going to anyone else. Josh is trustworthy, reliable, and provides excellent services."

Katie O'Brien Penn
"When we hired Mr. Ridless I was impressed with his commitment to educating himself about our industry.  Josh has been with us since the beginning, structuring our financings, engineering our acquisitions and restructuring our debt.  We're confident in his counsel on all issues affecting SF Navigatour."

Ray Sargoni,  President, SF Navigatour, Inc. dba Super SightSeeting Tours.
"Mr. Ridless successfully negotiated a settlement for a large account receivable, including all of our costs, interest and attorney fees - a tremendous savings (and a relief!)."

Michael Lipson, President, TeamNET Technologies, Inc.
"We formed and financed what today is a successful risk management services company with the strategic counsel of The Law Office of Joshua A. Ridless.  Since then, Mr. Ridless has continued to advise us when and where we need it most."

Dan Freudenthal, President, Accretive Returns, Inc./Floodzone Corrections, Inc.
"Mr. Ridless has been very responsive in handling our corporate, general business and employment issues.  We look to him to handle the legal issues that affect the very core of Evolution Bureau."

Daniel Stein, CEO, EVB.
"Mr. Ridless really understands the needs of a small business.  He is committed to protecting a company's rights while working within a limited legal budget.

Bruce McDonald, President, Variety Lights, Inc. dba Foreign Cinema Restaurant.
"Through his trademark and intellectual property work, Mr. Ridless supports our efforts to protect and maintain the Brazilian Court brand, which has symbolized luxurious hotel life in Palm Beach for more than 75 years." 

Adam Schlesinger, Principal, CSC Brazilian, L.P.
"Mr. Ridless's insight into licensing agreements is central to our multimedia production company and contributed to the success of the California Music Awards."

Joseph Bretz, 
Partner, Tapwater Films, Inc.
"Joshua Ridless provided our company with sound and timely legal advice.  His guidance ensured that we made the right decision, saving us time and money.  For legal review, opinion and advice, we call Josh first."

Linda I. Thompson, 
CEO and President, Cappa & Graham, Inc.
"Josh has always been extremely easy to work with, and provided me the expert legal advice that I needed in establishing start-ups, partnership agreements, etc."

Sebastian Goodwin, Entrepreneur.